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Liquid Salt Road

Money and Environment Friendly

* Does not damage roads and tires.

* Practical and easy to use.

* 50% less expensive than regular salt.

* Other salts more effective and longer protects

Why Salt Spills on Frozen Roads?

If you are living in a place taking excessive snow during winters you should have observed highway workers pouring salt to roads to prevent frost on roads. However salt is also used in ice cream production. So, how can salt be able to make these two effects seem to be opposite?

On the contrary of common belief that salt does not melt in water like sugar. Salt looses ice when put on ice. Salt remains but since the ice melted it is now not water but salty water and melting point is lower than pure water. When salt was poured on frosted roads ice first melts with salt and forms salty water layer and since the freezing point of this solution is lower it remains unfreeze even at lower temperatures than zero. Nowadays 45% of the salt produced in United States is being used to melt the ice on roads.